Is everything I tell you confidential?

An essential part of therapy is knowing that the information you tell me will remain confidential. As a member of BACP, I adhere to their ethical principles. While your confidentiality will be protected, there are following exceptions to where this will be broken:

  • If you give me consent to share information

  • If I have a serious reason to believe that you are at serious harm to yourself or another

  • If you disclose a threat to national security such as an act of terrorism

  • If you disclose knowledge of harm or any potential harm to a child or a vulnerable adult

  • If you disclose knowledge of drug trafficking

  • If the event of a court subpoena for admission of evidence

  • In my clinical supervision: it is a standard ethical and professional procedure for the therapists to discuss their practice with a fellow professional (my supervisor). This is to ensure the way in which we are working together is meeting the professional and ethical standards. However, during such meetings, I will not use your first or your last name, and preserve your anonymity.

Wherever legally and ethically possible, I will attempt to discuss with you any considerations around breaching your confidentiality.

Do I have to commit to a number of sessions?

No, you do not have to commit to any number of sessions unless you choose to due to your own personal circumstance (e.g., financial reasons, your long term availability etc).

Should your circumstances change at any time, you can discontinue therapy. The only commitment you will have is to give me more than 24 hours’ notice should a cancellation be required. If less than 24 hours’ notice is given, a full session fee will be applicable.

Is there a limit to how many sessions I can have?

No, there is no limit to how many sessions you can have. I believe that each person will need a different number of sessions based on their own individual circumstance. However, having said this, it is important to understand that therapy will have to come to an end at some point, but please do not be alarmed – this will be a part of our discussion at some point in our relationship and we will ensure that once the time comes, the ending happens in a healthy way, which is transparent and on good terms.

Do you work with clients remotely?

Yes, I offer remote sessions either via Phone or Microsoft Teams. We can discuss what platform is best for you upon your assessment.

Do you offer sessions in person?

Yes, I do offer in person sessions, as well as online and phone sessions.

Do you work with couples?

I do not currently work with couples.

Do you work with children?

Whilst I do have some experience of working with younger individuals, my clients are predominantly 16 and over. For the therapists that do work with younger clients, I would suggest visiting counselling directory or BACP register.

How can I pay for the sessions?

Bank transfer only.

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